More Than a Building


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When we launched The House in 2017, we had nothing. NO money. NO resources. NO congregation.

NO facility. All we had was a few committed people and a big dream, a big vision, and many ideas.


Our attendance now requires that we have three separate service times.  God has grown our church to an attendance of 450 adults and 100 kids who now call The House their HOME!! Because of this rapid growth, we have outgrown our current capacity by more than double. While we know all glory goes to God, we want to ensure that we do our part. We must continue to follow the vision that God has given The House. The House will always be about Jesus and people.


Because of the substantial growth, we need our own facility. Because of the faithfulness of your generous giving, God has blessed us with the resources to plan and execute a financial campaign and building project to help meet the needs of the families who now call The House their home, while continuing to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.


Our vision is to edify the body of Christ as outlined in the New Testament.


We know that the “church” is not a building in the natural sense, but the edification of us, the “living stones”, as the body of Christ on the earth. We, along with billions of other believers are “The Church”, but The House needs a physical place to fulfill God’s vision for Garvin county and beyond. The work of the church that is being done at The House in Pauls Valley is not your normal, isolated, traditional, religious-driven theological church work. We are the body of Christ in our community, state, nation, and world and seek to minister to those that need the salvation offered by Jesus and to enable the “works of the ministry” (Eph 4:12). We seek to edify the body of Christ by in enabling those who have a gift to serve, and we will always be focused on the needs of the people to which Jesus came to minister. Jesus, His salvation plan, and the edification of people (the body of Christ) will always be first (Eph 4:1-14).


You might ask, “Why Now?”

1.   Because God is blessing us with the continued influx of new families.  

2.   Because we need a highly visible gathering space for informal fellowship.

3.   Because our current worship space does not accommodate additional people or technology well. The use of this space has limitations even though we have some empty seats.  

4.   Because of the log-jam in our hallways caused by only one entry and exit door.

5.   Because we are booked to building capacity, and if we don’t increase meeting space, we will decline instead of continuing to grow.

6.   Because we want to continue the dream of Believe, Belonging, Becoming and Being the Church where people grow together as a family.  

7. Because we feel an urgency to prepare ourselves to minister to our current congregation, but also, to those people whom God will send our way into the next generations.


Our “To Do” list includes these key areas:  


1.  A gathering space that will provide for hospitality to strengthen fellowship and first impressions.

2.  A Worship Center with 700 seats that will allow us to expand in worship services.  

3.  A Children’s Center that will provide both a large meeting area and classrooms.  

4.  Youth Worship Center for middle and high school students.    

5.  Raise $300,000 to fund the beginning of the building project.

6.  Targeted project amount: 3-4 million dollars.

7.  Break ground no later than the Spring of 2020.


We believe our God-sized dream is part of His overall vision for our church and that His followers would “go into all the world to preach the good news to every person, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all He has commanded us.”