God has called every believer to bring help and hope to people in need.  The House Church provides food, clothing, and shelter to people throughout the world.  Financial assistance in the event of an emergency is one form of such provision.  Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.  Therefore, the information collected from you during the application process is consistent with our desire not only to assist you financially, but also to help you engage in activities that will help you develop your relationship with Christ thus providing the ultimate solution to your financial situation.  However, completion of this application does NOT guarantee assistance.  Please be assured that we will prayerfully consider your request.

Criteria for assistance

Applicants must complete a financial assistance application completely before being considered for assistance.  Click the button below to submit a request for help.  Funds per person and per circumstance are limited and will be given at our discretion.  We will review applications and contact the applicant within 72 hours of the request.